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It is time for Canada to end our dependence on foreign oil.

Damaging policies and a lack of pipelines have given foreign oil the advantage over responsibly produced Canadian oil in many parts of our country.

In 2018, Canada spent nearly $19 billion to import foreign oil into Quebec and Atlantic Canada from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Norway and Nigeria, and without pipelines to the east— this will not change any time soon.

Canadian’s know how incredibly essential oil is to the world— it keeps trucks moving, keeps us fed, and is a critical component of our health care system.

Unfortunately, cancelled pipeline projects and the price war instigated by Saudi Arabia and Russia have left our energy sector uniquely vulnerable. Canadian oil is suffering from two devastating factors: world oversupply and a lack of pipelines to move our oil to markets where it can fetch a higher price. We have been held hostage by two large producers ambivalent to the damage they cause in Canada, and who are even less concerned about the wellbeing of their own domestic citizens or the environment.

When compared to other oil prices, we can clearly see Canceled projects like Energy East and Northern Gateway are coming back to hurt Canada dearly. Similar grades of oil that have access to world markets— like Mexican Maya — are currently receiving a higher price per barrel than Canadian oil is. This has cost Canada dearly, with revenues shrinking to nearly nothing. This means less revenue means less money towards critical social programs like education and healthcare.


And with the ban on Canadian tankers on much of Canada’s west coast, it means we are left with few options. All the while the east coast and St. Lawrence is open to tankers, and free to import foreign oil.

So will you sign the pledge and stand with Canadian oil over imported oil?