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Across Canada, clean, affordable energy is under attack. From Vancouver to Toronto, activists are pressuring municipalities to pass misguided motions and silly studies.  Recently in Winnipeg, a City Council Committee passed a motion requesting the city examine:  a timeline for halting the further expansion of natural gas infrastructure within the city, as well as a plan for halting the use of natural gas in newly constructed areas of the city already serviced by natural gas.


The committee pushed forward with this study even though Manitoba Hydro stated they currently do not have the generating capacity to support a mass switch from natural gas to electricity for home heating. Currently, nearly 288,000 Manitoba residents rely on natural gas to heat their homes. They went on to say they would have to double their electrical generating capacity to meet peak demand without natural gas – an enormously expensive endeavor.


When governments interfere with affordable energy  like natural gas, the consequences are devastating. We don’t have to look far to see the negative impacts of governments playing politics with essential services. In Ontario, electricity rates have skyrocketed over the past decade and families are paying the price.


Municipalities should choose affordable and reliable natural gas generated electricity over burdening their residents with higher costs.


The natural gas we produce in Canada is among the cleanest in the world thanks to Canada’s stringent environmental regulations. It also plays an important role backing up renewable energy.


This shouldn’t be an either or discussion. It isn’t one or the other, natural gas or renewables, it should be an “and + and.” So if you are concerned about energy affordability and reducing emissions let City Council know today. We created a template for you to send. It only takes a couple of clicks to make your voice heard – and your voice matters.