Driving Canada’s economic recovery

Canadians have families to support, aspirations for the future, we are concerned about our economic recovery. The energy industry is a huge economic engine in the country’s economy and can help drive our recovery by putting people back to work, generating more exports and providing more government revenues.

Natural gas and oil are Canada’s largest export commodities by value. In 2019, exports of oil, natural gas, other petroleum products and refined products such as gasoline generated more than $112 billion, or about 19 per cent of revenue from all of Canada’s exports combined – the biggest Canadian export by value of any industry.

With rising national debt resulting from the pandemic, the path to recovery includes attracting capital investment back to Canada’s industries and growing Canada’s economy. The energy industry can.

  • Create and retain good jobs in Canada.
  • Generate pan-Canadian benefits, especially focused on prosperity for Indigenous communities.
  • Advance environmental leadership at home and abroad.
  • Build wealth and value while shrinking Canada’s debt.

A culture of innovation informs every aspect of our industry. Pride generates integrity and continuous improvement as a matter of our daily work. We in Canada’s energy industry challenge ourselves daily to deliver the products and progress that Canadians need and expect. Canada’s energy industry is moving forward with confidence and pride to compete and contribute on a global scale. We can provide sustainable Canadian energy that benefits Canadians and the world — today and tomorrow.