Net-Zero Must Include Oil and Gas

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Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body (NZAB) – the group tasked by the federal government to engage with Canadians on their climate plans –  is consulting on the values and principles that will guide its work in preparing advice on how the federal government can cap and cut emissions in our oil and natural gas sector. We believe there are two facts that must lead this discussion.

1. Energy is essential.  

2. The demand for energy will only increase.  

Canada’s pathways to net-zero emissions must be guided by these two undeniable facts. Right now, the values and principles outlined by the NZAB fail to acknowledge the realities of global energy demand and the important role the industry plays driving the Canadian forward.  Any pathway must also provide a detailed plan, with specific steps that detail how our ambitions will impact energy affordability for Canadians and an honest and open discussion about the true impacts to natural resource communities. 

Here is how you can make a submission!

Download a Ready Made Submission Here!

1. Download this PDF (Here), and upload it to the NZAB submission page 

2. Make your own custom submission (feel free to use our proposed submission as inspiration), and upload it to the same portal. 

3. Fill out the four-part questionnairewith your own thoughts and feedback.