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As many of us know, Canadian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a big win for the environment, and big win for Canada’s economy. But Canada cannot realize our LNG aspirations without the completion of the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline.


CGL is a 6.6 billion dollar project, and a necessary piece of infrastructure that will support LNG Canada’s $40 billion dollar investment for an LNG facility on Canada’s west coast.

This LNG facility will provide Canada with the capacity to export our natural gas to Asia, providing Asia with a much cleaner option to the coal that is currently being used for electricity generation. And as an added benefit, this Canadian LNG facility will produce LNG well below the global emissions average for LNG.


In Canada, CGL will create thousands of jobs during its construction phase, and will provide a large boost to economic activity in northern British Columbia.


Last but not least, Coastal GasLink has unprecedented support by all levels of government, and the support of all 20 elected First Nation’s communities along the route.


In short, Coastal GasLink checks all the boxes.

✓ The Support of First Nations communities

✓ Jobs

✓ Climate Action through GHG reduction

✓ Safe

✓ A win for Canada’s economy

What’s not to love?


Unfortunately some groups claim this is not the case, so we need to stay active, and keep spreading the positive truth, and facts about the CGL project.


Will you stand up for jobs, the economy, and environment, and pledge your support for CGL?


Coastal GasLink will be built to meet the strictest environmental and safety standards in the world and will deliver significant, long-term benefits for Indigenous and northern B.C. communities along its path, the province and all of Canada. This critical infrastructure project will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air that millions breathe by providing clean, natural gas that will displace coal used to generate electricity in Asia.


Canada, show your support for CGL, and lets keep building this important project.


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Thank you for your support!