Bay du Nord NFLD

Bay du Nord

Good jobs for Newfoundland and Labrador, producing secure energy, to support a safer planet. 

The Federal Government is currently debating whether they will accept Bay du Nord’s environmental assessment – a critical step in getting the project approved and under construction.


After the crushing years of the pandemic, Newfoundland and Labrador needs Bay du Nord. We need the jobs and government revenues it will create. At a minimum, the project is expected to create 11,000 person years of employment for the province and generate $3.5 billion in government revenues.

The project’s approval is essential to ensuring the survival of Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore industry. And it is critical to Canada reassuming our leadership role as the world’s preferred supplier of safe, secure, sustainable energy. 


Bay du Nord has the potential to be the lowest carbon intensity development of its scale in Canada. A single, low-carbon facility could develop six fields, applying global-leading emissions reduction technology which would be the first application of this technology in Canada’s offshore.  


Environmental considerations have been considered throughout the entirety of the project. The application of digitization technology will enable more jobs to be located onshore, reducing overall emissions, and enhancing the project’s operational safety.   


Bay du Nord’s leading-edge design will enable the project to produce one of Canada’s most sustainable barrels.  


The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada noted in its environmental assessment report the project is unlikely to cause adverse environmental impacts with the appropriate mitigations in place. If the Federal Government decides to reject Bay du Nord, Canada will be sending a signal that we will no longer accept responsible natural resource development, and the benefits it provides. Forever cementing our reputation as a country where big projects cannot get built.  


Offloading our emissions to other regions who accept development, means Canada accepts losing the employment opportunities and social benefits generated by increased economic activity.  

This won’t address global climate change – but it will increase the world’s reliance on oil and gas from countries like Russia.  


We need to reduce emissions, but we also need energy. Ignoring the realities of energy demand isn’t a solution to this complex problem.  


But approving Bay du Nord is a start.  

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