Canada’s Energy Citizens is the largest oil and natural gas advocacy organization in Canada, with a membership of over 500,000 grassroots Canadians. We provide Canadians with the tools and information to support Canada’s oil and natural gas sector and all those who work in it.


Many Canadians do not realize Canada is an environmental leader in global oil and natural gas production, how pipelines are the safest and most responsible way to transport oil products, or how the Canadian oil and natural gas industry is the single largest investor in green technologies. This needs to change.


Canada’s Energy Citizens believes that by sharing information about our world-class industry, its positive stories of success, Canadian innovation, and the critical role the oil and natural gas sector plays in the Canadian economy, we can contribute to the national conversation surrounding one of our most important job creators.


Canada’s oil and gas story needed to be told, and those who support it need the tools to act.
So please join us in fighting for jobs, pushing back against information, and standing up for Canada’s oil and natural gas sector.


So join us and support jobs if you want to learn more about how our energy industry can help secure our economic future by creating prosperity for our communities, while doing our best to protect our planet.


Providing energy and products that are fundamental to our daily quality of life.


Addressing climate change and more.


Driving Canada’s economic recovery.